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Okay, I finally have something new to show. This is something that I am finally sure I will finish. Mostly because even in the event of ridiculous, unexpected delays, I think this would still be something worth coming back to =]

You should turn up the volume a bit. The sound in the first half of the video was recorded via stereo mix (including the music i happened to be listening to), and the volume was low while i was recording:…

(A high quality option doesn't seem to have appeared, but the small text at the start says "</lie>")

I was planning on doing something like this once i actually had some artwork together, but today I had some viral headache (along with the rest of my family) and was incapable of doing anything more complicated than slapping a lazy video together. I'll update this with new information soonish, but this is it for now =]


Andrew Martin
United Kingdom
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Dynamo-Clan Feb 3, 2014  New member
so you make Azul Baronis? Man Holy Shit man thanks by that game, i was playing in Bubblebox just for nostalgia, and then i discovered the creator of the game!
If you ever make a second Azul Baronis, could I do art for it?
Azul Baronis would be better with a save game function.
NekoNinetyNine Nov 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
See below. I'm too tired to phrase more Azul Baronis praise right now. I play the game all the time, and I don't think much could be improved to make a second one... Except maybe customizing your army with points. Multiplayer probably won't work :P Slow and all. I know, I'm starting to code games myself.
Hey Azul Baronis II please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One feature I haven't seen suggested for Azul Baronis goes as follows: Allow you to organize what you want. Obviously you consider destroyers and Testudons to be worth a specific number of fighters, so why not allow players to purchase which types? Furthermore, given the chance, a sandbox mode would be good.

I am aware you're making another. And I don't mean to pester. I just... that game consumes a lot of time and it would be so cool if it were cooler. XD
Azul Baronis is seriously the best game ever lol. na u did well. is there gonna b a second? it wud b hell better if u cud upgrade ur ships and choose them as well as ur enemy :-) plz get back to me if theres gonna b a second or not? piece out - A town
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